UCSB: One of America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities


Bottle Branders, a Bren-born start-up, with their winning prize from UCSB’s Technology Management Program New Venture Competition.

Forbes recently ranked the nation’s most entrepreneurial universities, and placed UCSB at #20! The rankings were “based on [the unviersities’] entrepreneurial ratios – the number of alumni and students who have identified themselves as founders and business owners on LinkedIn against the school’s total student body (undergraduate and graduate combined).”

In a separate article by Forbes, UCSB was specifically praised for ranking higher than Wharton and Harvard, which are better-known business schools, and commended on it’s unique Technology Management Program (TMP). As described on TMP’s website, the program “provides driven, innovative, and entrepreneurial students with a solid foundation in business principles and professional skills vital to their success after graduation”. TMP will also soon be launching a Master of Technology Management degree in 2015. Bob York, Chair of the TMP, discussed his hopes for the future graduate program, stating that “this program will propel students with advanced technical qualifications to successful careers as business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

Excitedly, Bren’s own Salty Girl Seafood was featured in the Forbes article as one of TMP’s All-Star Alumni, including them in TMP’s success in recruitment and mentoring of female entrepreneurs.

In even more praise for UCSB, Entrepreneur Magazine recently included UCSB in its Top 50 Schools for VC-Backed Entrepreneurs, based on the number of graduates who secured VC (venture capital) funding.

The Bren School and UCSB have recently received a lot of attention for its business programs and overall success, both from Net Impact and Washington Monthly.


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