UCSB has “water smarts”


Matt O’Carroll, left, UCSB’s refuse, recycling and water efficiency manager, and Jewel Snavely, right, campus sustainability coordinator. Photo credit: The Current

California’s historic drought has everyone from policy makers and water agencies, to farmers and homeowners, talking about water use.  Joining the conversation is UC Santa Barbara, who has become an exemplary leader of water conservation with their lauded Water Action Plan.  This plan helped the University preemptively meet the UC mandate to cut water consumption 20 percent by 2020 three years ago.  And UCSB continues to strive for further water reductions.  In solidarity of new urban water use recommendations, UCSB has joined the city of Goleta in reaching a 12 percent reduction of potable water by March 2016.  Helping to drive this effort are Bren MESM ’13 alumni Matt O’Carroll and Jewel Snavely.

UCSB’s The Current reports:

“Goleta Water District has done a phenomenal job in regards to water conservation efforts, and they have recognized the university for doing a good job, so we felt that a 12 percent goal was respective of both our efforts,” said Matt O’Carroll, water, refuse and recycling manager at UCSB. “We think it’s really important for us to stand with our community and do what everybody else is being asked to do.”

To hit the new self-imposed reduction target, UCSB will ramp up on education and outreach aimed at changing behavior around water use, convert a dozen landscapes from potable- to recycled-water irrigation and deploy an innovative new technology to drastically cut water waste in campus labs.
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