Student Spotlight: Brennies on the Radio with ‘The Eco Lounge’


Bren students Casey Garrett and Steven Johnson (MESM 2015) have co-produced an environmental public affairs talk show titled “The Eco Lounge” on 91.9 KCSB FM.  They are self-described as Santa Barbara’s number one source for environmental talk, news, and interviews. During each broadcast Casey and Steven discuss a particular environmental issue and present the topic in a way that is accessible to individuals without a science background. Recent topics have included drought in California, the rise of zero emission vehicles, deforestation in Tanzania, and the history of the Coal Oil Point Reserve.


Casey Garrett, co-host


Steven Johnson, co-host

In addition to their own perspectives, Casey and Steven interview guests who share their expertise in their respective fields. Previous guests have included Bren students and faculty such as James Salzman and David Raney.

Casey described his vision for the program, “Our goal with The Eco Lounge is to foster discussions about environmental topics that are not often featured in the media and present them with a fresh perspective.”

Casey and Steven are both participating in the Strategic Environmental and Media focus and both agreed producing an environmentally focused radio program was an excellent exercise in developing their communication skills.

Listen to past shows here.

Stay tuned for (hopefully) more shows in the fall.


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