Salty Girl Seafood Launches their Indiegogo Campaign


Salty Girl Seafood has just launched their Indiegogo (crowd-funding) campaign to help get our business off the ground–starting this summer! After working tirelessly through Bren’s Eco-E program over the past 2 years, Salty Girl represents not just the culmination of our time spent in the Eco-E focus, but a business built fundamentally from the concepts we take away as students from Bren. We’re using market-based solutions to fix a broken system that as it stands currently, depletes the health of our oceans and compromises the sustainability of the communities that rely on them. This venture would not possible without all of your help and support – the Bren School staff has been fundamental to making our time spent in this program such a smooth and enjoyable experience and we can’t thank you enough for all of the incredible work that you do.

For those of you that don’t know, Salty Girl Seafood is a sustainable seafood distribution company that cuts out the middle-men in the seafood supply chain to connect fishermen directly with restaurants, ensuring that your seafood is sustainable, traceable, and fresh! In the short-term, they are connecting domestic, small-scale fishermen with restaurants all over the country in search of sustainable, traceable seafood. As they scale, they will leverage their existing partnerships with international non-profits to market seafood from fisheries around the world where their partners are doing great work – and cutting out the middle-men means they will pay their  fishermen a higher price to incentivize their sustainable practices.

Support their effort by donating to their Indiegogo campaign and help pave the road to a more sustainable future!


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