Research Seminar October 13th: Whom You Talk to About Climate Change Matters

lisa_leombruni_000The Bren School of Environmental Science & Management is hosting a Research Seminar, titled “Whom You Talk to About Climate Change Matters”, presented by Lisa Leombruni. Dr. Leombruni is the Research Director at NOVA and a regular lecturer at Bren.

When: Monday, October 13, 2014, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Room 1414, Bren Hall, UCSB



“Dr. Leombruni’s research on how non-scientists talk about climate change provides a bridge between science and public opinion. Her insights will help us communicate effectively with the public on climate and other controversial environmental issues”, as described by Sarah Anderson, Bren Faculty Host.


While scientific consensus on climate change has only grown with increasing evidence, a robust minority of Americans still continues to deny its existence and consider it to be a controversial issue.

So how do Americans form attitudes about climate change? Predicting climate attitudes based on personal values, environmental attitudes, and political ideology, as has been done before, does not account for dynamic social interaction as a source of influence. My work shows that whom you talk to, how frequently, and about what can predict climate change skepticism and belief strength. This means that public information campaigns, environmental policymakers, and managers must not only take care in crafting messages to targeted audiences, but also understand and anticipate who propagates these messages—and to whom.

See the announcement and read Dr. Leombruni’s biography on the Bren website.

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