Bren Announces New Research Blog


The Bren School is pleased to announce the debut of the Bren Research Blog. The new website, which launched at the end of January, is dedicated to sharing the research stories and accomplishments of the Bren community, from Master’s and doctoral candidates to post-doctoral fellows and faculty.

“We’re tremendously excited to start this blog for the Bren School”, says PhD candidate and founding editor, Jon Conway. “There are too many people here [at the Bren School] doing such fascinating research that impacts the world around us to allow for their stories to go untold.” The blog will feature not only stories on the research process—from getting funded, to fieldwork, to the publication process—but will also highlight specialized perspectives from researchers on current events and burgeoning issues in the environmental field.

“This blog is a way that we can all stay connected to each other and share what we do with the world,” says Conway, “and I hope it can also serve as a sounding board for more great ideas and collaborations.”

Read the inaugural posts by PhD students Andrew Ayres, Jon Conway, Ian McCullough, and Laura Urbisci, and be sure to check back every month for more stories.

The website can be found at

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