ECO:nomics 2015 in Santa Barbara (March 25-27)

An exciting summit of international CEOs, entrepreneurs, environmental scientists, and policy-makers will commence from March 25th to March 27th at the ECO:nomics conference in Santa Barbara. Leading industry figures will debate, discuss, and inform participants of the compelling opportunities and risks emerging worldwide in businesses impacted by the environment. The Wall Street Journal has held the conference since 2008 in Santa Barbara, and past participants include the CEOs of Wal-Mart, Google, and Whole Foods, venture capitalists, and even state governors. This year, as the role of business in the environment has expanded, the conference will focus on the dropping prices of renewable energy, federal carbon regulations, China’s energy consumption, and the competition for green marketing.  Featured speakers include John Woolard, Vice President of Energy at Google, Philip Moeller, Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Matthew Applebaum, Mayor of Boulder, Colorado, and David Cheesewright, CEO of Walmart International. The 2015 program is sponsored by America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) and Hitachi, Ltd and will be held at the  Bacara Resort and Spa. Bren students will be volunteering behind the scenes, and keep an eye out for all of these world leaders (current and future) around town! Here is a link to the event:

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