Colloquium Oct. 29th: “Northern Ventura County Coastal Watershed Project” by Bren Alumni

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The Bren School of Environmental Science & Management is hosting a community colloquium, “Northern Ventura County Coastal Watershed Project“, presented by Alex Dragos and Eric Hopkins, co-founders of Blue Tomorrow and Bren alumni from the Class of 2013. Blue Tomorrow is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in water resources management. (Read more about Blue Tomorrow in the recent Bren Life story.)

When: Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 6:00 pm
Where: Room 1414, Bren Hall, UCSB


On behalf of the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment, Blue Tomorrow partnered with Bren School professor, Dr. Arturo Keller, to research five coastal watersheds that drain two oil fields in northern Ventura County. From fall 2013 through spring 2014, BlueTomorrow sampled soil, stormwater, and base flow for more than sixty constituents, many of which are known to impact human health and the environment. The project team analyzed the concentrations, toxicity, and potential sources of pollutants that were detected in samples, and developed strategies to mitigate discharges of pollutants found in the watersheds. At their talk, Alex and Eric will discuss the findings from the study along with recommendations that were developed to mitigate potential impacts.

See this announcement on the Bren Events page.

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