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Summer Blog

Puzzle Masters

Guest blogger: Cora Kammeyer (MESM 2017) My summer internship at The Nature Conservancy felt like a giant puzzle. A puzzle where all the pieces are strewn about the house, you can only call your friends ...
Summer Blog

We Can Ferment That…

This story begins where so many sustainability nonprofit stories have before it— in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods. Like any good Bren student, I’ve remembered to bring a reusable container from home. This time, ...
Summer Blog

Wizard in Training

Guest blogger: Andrew Cawley (MESM 2017) To: Ian From: Andrew Subject: HELP! This was not the email I wanted to write for a lot of reasons (see: pride, violating rules of summer vacation, etc.) but ...
Summer Blog
Mexican Fishers

Fishers teaching fishers

  Guest blogger: Juan Carlos Villaseñor-Derbez (MESM 2017) I have no idea where I am headed. It’s been about an hour driving north on a narrow, green road and I am more distracted by the wild ...