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Behind the Scenes of Environmental Media Production

For those completing the Bren School’s Strategic Environmental Communication and Media focus, the introductory “Environmental Medial Production” class is many students’ first foray into basic camera handling–being behind a camera, directing, editing, and producing films.  The students’ final ...
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Recap: First Bren School Reunion

Since the Bren School opened its doors to 19 MESM students in 1996, the program has seen more than 1000 students graduate.  To commemorate this landmark event in Bren’s history, the school celebrated its first ever alumni reunion last ...
Bren School

Sustainable Aquaculture Research Center

The new website for the Sustainable Aquaculture Research Center (SARC) at the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management is up and running! Professor Hunter Lenihan is director of this organization that is committed to use “advance ecosystem-based ...
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Follow Bren Life on Instagram!

To all you savvy social media folks out there, follow Bren Life’s official instagram (@Bren_Life)! We’ll be posting pictures and videos that embody the Bren lifestyle. If you are posting pics related to anything Bren, be ...