Bren Seminar October 22nd: Understanding Challenges to Endangered Sea Turtles

larry_crowder_000The Bren School of Environmental Science & Management is hosting A Student-Selected Speaker seminar, titled “Understanding Challenges to Endangered Sea Turtles: The Role of Life History and Demography“, presented by Larry B. Crowder, Science Director for the Center for Ocean Solutions.

When: Wednesday, October 22, 2014, 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Room 1414, Bren Hall, UCSB

“Larry is one of the most influential marine ecologists of our time. Although he is quite busy serving on advisory panels and informing the latest marine policies, he always finds time to interact with students and is a phenomenal mentor for the next generation of marine scientists. This is a great opportunity to hear Larry speak about his pivotal research uncovering the mysteries of sea turtle life histories, which has shaped how the U.S. manages sea turtle populations”, as described by Lindsey Peavey, the host of this event and a PhD student at Bren.

Sea turtles are long-lived species that produce large numbers of embryos in each nesting season over a reproductive period of decades. Having reinvaded the sea from land over their evolutionary history, they lay these nests on sandy beaches, a highly risky, erosive environment. Still, this life history worked over tens of millions of years. But they are having trouble co-existing with humans. In this talk, I outline the conservation challenges for sea turtles and the critical life history and demographic understanding necessary to frame robust strategies to save them.  Significant progress has been mad,e and sea turtle conservation has its success stories. But challenges remain. Meeting those challenges requires a diverse approach to collecting and synthesizing data as well as thinking innovatively about pathways to solutions.

See the announcement and read Larry’s biography on the Bren website.

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