*WINNERS* Bren Life Eco-Holiday Instagram Contest!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo for the Bren Life Eco-Holiday Instagram contest! We’re sure that there were many more of you that practiced environmentalism during the holiday season – whether you took a pic of it or not!

Our top picks showed eco-conscious gift wrapping, a seafood lover choosing local clams and mussels, and a beach clean-up to celebrate the holidays. Other submissions showed Brennies buying gifts at thrift stores, being creative with wrapping presents, and using reusable products.

The winners of the contest are: (Left to Right) Willow Battista (MESM 2012), Tracey Mangin (MESM 2013), and Sara Denka (MESM 2015). The winners all received a Bren Garb item!
Go to Instagram and search #brenlifeholiday to see the other submissions!
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Bren Life is hosting an Instagram photo contest! Let’s all make our holiday season not just merry and bright, but environmentally friendly, as well! During this time of year, there is approximately 25% more waste generated as a result of our holiday activities: gift wrapping, Christmas tree toss-out, and old toys being replaced with new ones.
How will you “green” your holiday? Show us how in a picture, and you may win a Bren Garb item! This is your chance to show off your eco-creativity and inspire others in the Bren community to do the same. Follow these steps to participate in the contest:

1. Follow Bren Life on Instagram! @Bren_Life

2. Take a picture that captures your holiday environmentalism. (Example: A pic of your house decorated with LED lights — LEDs use much less energy than traditional bulbs)

3. Post it on Instagram tagging it with #brenlifeholiday by Dec. 31st. Entries accompanied by creative captions and/or interesting explanations of their sustainable activity will be favored! 

Once all photo entries are submitted, we will judge them based on creativity and environmental sustainability. Top 3 winners will receive a Bren Garb item! Remember to upload your picture by Dec. 31st!

We can’t wait to see your submissions!


Emission-free present delivery!


Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Don’t buy wrapping paper! Use newspaper, magazines, old posters, or fabric scraps.
  • Instead of buying a cut Christmas tree, try decorating a house plant, or buying a potted fir tree that you can plant outside in a few years. Or even consider “renting” a live tree (yes, it’s is a real thing.)
  • Buy local gifts (Check out The Yes Store in Santa Barbara featuring all sorts of gifts made from local artists and entrepreneurs.)
  • Use LED lights to decorate your house or tree. They use up to 95% less energy than traditional bulbs.
  • Make an “upcycled” gift from material you have at home. Think: wine cork coasters, ornaments made from beach drift wood, etc.
  • Travel by bike to holiday parties.
  • Bring your resuable bags when shopping for gifts. (These bags can be used in other places besides the grocery store, ya know!)
  • Reduce meat consumption. Make a vegetarian or vegan holiday meal.
  • Inspire your family and friends to connect with nature to encourage environmental living. Go on a nature hike or do a beach clean-up for a family activity.

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