Bren Recognition Dinner

On Tuesday, October 14th, the Bren School celebrated its donors and students at the annual Recognition Dinner. This fun night was made possible through the generous contributions our donors and corporate partners give to the Bren School and its students each year. This year, the theme of the dinner was on the Bren School’s Eco-Entrepreneurship focus, a leading program that offers students the opportunity to develop concepts for new ventures and develop business models that serve markets needs and help solve complex environmental problems.

We used the swing era and music to call attention to our Eco-Entrepreneurship program. Swing was born out of the depression of a World War. It was an expression of optimism and hope for the future, as our nation moved into a new era of prosperity. Today, we face environmental challenges, the tragedy of the commons, and our planet is in need of repair. We are poised to swing into a new era, a green economy, fueled by the innovation of Eco-Entrepreneurs.

Four Eco-E groups presented their business at the Dinner: Smarty Pants, Charborn, Salty Girl Seafood, and Slightly Nutty.

This particular Donor Recognition Dinner was a blast and huge success (as seen through the photos below), with many thanks to the live band, Johnny Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander.

Check out the photos below and admire the creative costumes donned by our staff, faculty, students, and donors.

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