El Nino

Blame it on El Niño

Written by: Kaia Joye Moyer Last Thursday’s commute home from UCSB—or anywhere along California’s south coast—required a certain amount of “Zen.” If it were not for deep breathing and complete focus, we may have all ...

PhDs Take On Yosemite

  The smoke from nearby forest fires casts a faint haze over the panorama of the Yosemite valley floor, but from 6,000 feet of elevation it’s still not a bad view.  Twenty-four Bren PhD students, ...

Second Annual Chili Brew Off

This May marked the second annual “Bren Brew Off.” Hosted by the Bren School’s Graduate Student Association (GSA) representatives, this year’s event expanded to include a chili cook-off. “If there is one thing I have learned, ...
Bren Reunion (2) (3)

Recap: First Bren School Reunion

Since the Bren School opened its doors to 19 MESM students in 1996, the program has seen more than 1000 students graduate.  To commemorate this landmark event in Bren’s history, the school celebrated its first ever alumni reunion last ...