Featured Alumni: Bermudian News Highlights 2014 Group Project, BermudaWind


BermudaWind Team (left to right): Rahul Madhusudanan, James Frew (academic advisor), Tinya Hoang, Casey O’Hara, Alisan Amrhein, and Darrell Gregg

BermudaWind, a GP from the MESM Class of 2014, has recently been featured in stories from Bermudian news outlets, discussing the project, its finding, and the public release of the group’s report ‘Offshore Wind Energy in the Context of Multiple Ocean Uses on the Bermuda Platform’.

BermudaWind’s clients, the Government of Bermuda, specifically the Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Conservation Services, and Department of Energy, distributed a press release about the completed report to the Bermudian community. As Bermuda moves towards investigating the implementation of offshore renewable energy, the Government has expressed the need for openness with its citizens concerning studies such as these.

The BermudaWind group, Alisan Amrhein, Darrell Gregg, Tinya Hoang, Rahul Madhusudanan, and Casey O’Hara, are all very excited to finally unveil their report to Bermudians. The objectives of their report were to: 1) Determine economic viability of offshore wind energy with respect to Bermuda’s current energy context; 2) Identify and characterize potential conflicts with ocean uses and ecological features; and 3) Develop a spatial analysis model to help decision-makers identify potential locations for offshore wind farms with acceptable risk of impacts.

The group spoke of their involvement: “We provided recommendations regarding the need for a transparent and open planning process. All Bermudians have a stake in developing a clean energy future for the Island, so we felt it was critical to allow their voices to be included in the planning process.”


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